Szenior EB - Eindhoven - információk

Az eindhoveni EB szervezőbizottsága az alábbi tájékoztatót tette közzé a nevezésekkel, hírlevelekkel kapcsolatban. Már lehetőség van nevezni az oldalon.

Dear LEN friends.

The Royal Dutch Swimming Federation is busy preparing the Arena European Masters Championships in Eindhoven this summer.
We are ready to welcome all masters in Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Synchronized Swimming and Diving in the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium.

Would you please be so kind to inform your masters that all information needed to participate and register can be found on .Anyone who is interested can also register for our newsletter there.

On the website one can also find the digital version of the entry booklet next week, which you can distribute via e-mail to your Masters via a link to our website
The 14th Arena European Masters Championships in Eindhoven (31 August– 7 September 2013) are already open for entries. Competitors can register electronically via the website .

Unlike before federations do not need to collect or forward any entries, but the federations will instead be kept up to date of the attendance of their members by the Eindhoven LOC.

The Dutch organisation will provide all federations with the entries of their nation, to allow them to confirm that competitors are registered members of registered teams and are allowed to compete.

In the first week of July all federations will receive an excel file with all entries of that respective federation.

A copy of the same data will be sent as a .pdf file as well.

The file will contain at least the following data:

  • Per club           : Country, Club residence, Club name.
  • Per person      : Name, date of birth, gender, Nationality, club, discipline entered.
  • Per person      : Event(s) entered.

For swimming the file will also include entry times.

Your federation is requested to:

  • Check if a club is member of your National Federation.
  • Check if an individual person is member of that club with a valid license, and therewith of your federation.
  • Check if the entry times for individual swimmers are correct.

The .pdf file can be printed, signed, stamped and sent back to:

  • entriesatecmasters2013 [dot] com (per e-mail)
  • Or   +31 40 238 1160             (per fax)

Please send a copy to

  • lenofficeatlen [dot] eu                     (per e-mail)
  • Or  +352 27 44 91 64 28        (per fax)

If desired your federation can add remarks in the excel file and send those back per e-mail.

If your federation prefers to receive a hardcopy, please send us the correct fax number.

Attached please find a sample file with the already received entries. You will receive an update in the first week of June. Feel free to already correct this file, or wait for the final one in July.

We thank you for your kind cooperation and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Best regards,
Organizing Committee Arena European Masters Championships Eindhoven 2013